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Adam Savage Shares Cosplays In Show And Tell Video

New York Comic Con's Metaverse this weekend introduced us to Adam Savage's favorite costumes he's made.

In a recent panel video at New York Comic Con's Metaverse today, Adam Savage shares his favorite cosplays he has made over the years. The former Mythbuster has created a lot of different costumes in the past, which he is known for wearing incognito on the floors of major comic book conventions.

Adam shares his three favorite cosplays in the video - Alien, Captain America and astronaut - one of which is handmade by Adam himself, one of which was a collaboration with multiple makers, and one of which was a commission.

The first cosplay he goes over is the space suit from Alien, which took Adam 14 years to complete. It was a collaboration with several other makers to complete the suit. He was determined to find all the screen accurate fabrics of the suit, with many of the fabrics taking years to identify. One of the fabrics he is most proud of identifying is the broderie fabric, which he was able to determine the name through help of his friends.

He also has another space suit, the A7L suit from the Apollo 11 mission. His friend, Ryan Nagata, put most of the suit together for him since Adam is a massive fan of NASA and armor in general. He talks about how he made a lot of mistakes while putting together the cosplay, and how it helped him with the learning process of creating it. He even shows the helmet his friend Ryan created and how it's fully functionable!

His last suit is the Captain America: Winter Soldier suit. Adam wanted to make sure he could fit it in a case that Captain America would have been able to put it in the movie, so he even modified the box to make it all fit. He shows off how he fits it all in the case, followed by him wearing it. Adam also explains how the suit needs a second pair of hands to put on. The whole cosplay was a collection of several artists, with different creators making the shield, suit, helmet, and accessories.

His collection just goes to show that anybody can cosplay, and that you can cosplay whether you bought the costume, made it, or somewhere in between.

While you may not be able to see him in person, he is also signing autographs online that you can purchase through the Metaverse's website.

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