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Cosplay Central Presents The Panel: No Stupid Questions - Cosplay Edition

In this very special edition of Cosplay Central's 'The Panel' series, top cosplayers answer fans' burning questions.

In this exclusive video of our recurring series, The Panel, six cosplayers answer questions many cosplay fans wanted answered. Ever wanted to know how to pack a cosplay for traveling on a plane or in a car? Or what about staying motivated to cosplay during these times? These cosplayers answer your questions! The video includes cosplayers Ivy Doomkitty, Odin Makes, Captain Kaycee, Danielle Denicola, Camislyce, and Tessa Allegra.

Each of these cosplayers answered the following questions:

  • How do you stay motivated to keep cosplaying?
  • What is your most uncomfortable cosplay?
  • What was your hardest cosplay (or prop) to make?
  • What is your favorite material to work with?
  • What is your most shameful last-minutes fix?
  • What is your favorite interaction you've had while in cosplay?
  • What is your dream cosplay?
  • What are your tips on packing and traveling with cosplay?
  • What do you love about cosplay?

Each cosplayer responded through a short video, helping out many of those who want to cosplay, or for those who were simply interested in what types of builds the panelists had made in the past. Plus, it's always useful to know that if your cosplay breaks and all you have is a paperclip to hold it together, it can be done!

Be sure to watch these six cosplayers answer the questions in the video above. Don't forget that we will have plenty more cosplay videos during the rest of the ReedPop's Metaverse this weekend on New York Comic Con's YouTube channel. Thanks for watching and joining this online event!

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